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JAF manufactures loudspeakers in the open, non-resonant technology. We distinguish the following types of loudspeakers enclosure: open baffle, closed, bassreflex and special as the transmission lines.

JAF loudspeakers are a combination of classical design loudspeaker of a narrow dimension with advantages of an open baffle. They represents an acoustic system in open, non-resonant technology with dipole nature of sound propagation, in which the radiation of rear side cone is obtained by a slit or aperture in back side of enclosure. 
The SFR technology (Smooth Frequency Response) allows to create an open baffle loudspeaker with a low frequency range and high efficiency, without adverse effects of classical large, flat baffle design. Loudspeakers have compact dimensions while retaining the equivalent of a large baffle width.

JAF acquires patent pending for a application of acoustic slit in loudspeaker design. 


Patent pending UPRP (Polish Patent Office)
Time application PCT (Patent Cooperation Treaty)


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