JAF Cornet is the first design of small loudspeaker monitor working in open baffle acoustic system. The creation of a relatively small monitor was possible through the use of a pair of fullrange transducers, placed at the front and top of the enclosure. High linear excursion broadband transducers are used, providing a sufficient amount of low frequencies in small listening rooms and allowing to work in open baffle with dipole sound propagation.
JAF Cornet represents an acoustic system in open, non-resonant technology with symmetrical dipole nature of sound propagation, in which the radiation of rear side cone is obtained by a lossless aperture in back side of enclosure. The dipole character of high frequency range is provided by a suitable ribbon transducer design and its installation on a separate panel outside the enclosure. The SFR technology (Smooth Frequency Response) allows to obtain a low frequency range and high efficiency with compact dimensions of a loudspeaker. The concept of all transducers and enclosure design provides a fully symmetrical dipole nature of sound propagation.

In the Cornet model, two full-range transducers work with a diameter of 22cm and magnetostatic dipole ribbon tweeter with diaphragm of Teonex® film. There are applied high linear excrusion broadband drivers with stiff and light cone made of high density plant fiber with a mass of 10,8g. The advantages are a proper pulse answer and the correct transients reproduction.

The mechanical design is based on MDF materials. On external surfaces it can be appiled veneer or lacquer. There are avaiable the natural or modified veneers. Finish can be made in a wide range of colors and gloss, matt or structural varnish effect.

Cornet name comes from a musical terminology. Cornet belongs to the brass instruments family. Technically it's similar to the trumpet, but has a warmer and mellower sound, due to large scale of conical bore.  

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