JAF Bassoon is a basic model of the floor standing electroacoustic loudspeaker. JAF Bassoon is a combination of classical design loudspeaker of a narrow dimension with advantages of the open baffle.
JAF Bassoon represents an acoustic system in open, non-resonant technology with asymmetrical dipole nature of sound propagation, in which the radiation of rear side cone is obtained by a slit in enclosure. The SFR technology (Smooth Frequency Response) allows to obtain a low frequency range and high efficiency. The loudspeakers has compact dimensions retaining the equivalent of 840cm baffle width.

In the Bassoon model work four 20cm full-range transducers and magnetostatic ribbon tweeter. Full-range speakers with stiff and ultra-light cone made of high density plant fiber with a mass of 8.7g are applied. The advantages are a proper pulse answer and the correct transients reproduction.

Bassoon loudspeakers are equipped with Room Gain Control module. This solution allows to adjust the range of the bass, enables exact tuning the loudspeakers to size of the room. In addition, independent adjustment of each loudspeaker makes possible to adjust the stereo balance of medium and high tones. Such need may appear in case of the asymmetry of: the room, placement of diffraction or damping elements and uneven of channels in other devices.

Speaker terminals are located on the plinth. This allows to use shorter speaker cables laid directly on the floor and ensures safe operation. The essential components of the crossover are a high conductivity toroidal coils and high pulse current carrying capability film capacitors. 

The mechanical design is based on materials from MDF and natural wood. Front wall, upper and base are made from the varnished MDF plate. 
The material on the side walls is a solid wood of European or expotic kind, coated with wax-oil that protects the surface. Side panels with a thickness of 40mm ensure stability of a slit along the loudspeaker. The loudspeaker stands on the spikes. Three support points ensure even distribution of weight, without the necessary of the adjustment. Optionally permanent grill cloth fabric is available.

Bassoon name comes from a musical terminology. Bassoon belongs to the woodwind musical instruments.  

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